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Ohio Roommate Agreement

An Ohio Roommate Agreement is a legally binding contract between two or more people who live in the same residence. Whether you want to live with your BFF or underwent an elaborate roommate-matching process, it’s always a nightmare to think about living with one or more people under the same roof for a couple of months.

Luck for you, there is an easy solution- a roommate agreement. The official document outlines the responsibilities and the expectation of each co-tenant. Unlike a lease rental agreement, a roommate agreement only acts between the roommates and not between the landlord and tenants.

Why You Need a Roommate Agreement

Imagine living with a complete stranger in your life or your friend and all of a sudden, they do something that seems off. Like they never pay their share of utility bills or rent? Yup, sharing a leased property with roommates in Ohio can be hard regardless of whether they’re your best friend, a client or even a complete stranger. The best way to avoid such drama is to create a roommate rental agreement.

A roommate agreement can be informal or formal as you want it to be. While you can agree with your roommates through as simple verbal conversation, we recommend a formal documented agreement as it holds more weight and can be used for reference.

How to Write Ohio Roommate Agreement

Our Ohio roommate agreement form can be filled out by any co-tenant; although in most cases the master tenant does; after all the terms of this agreement must be within the rights afforded in the lease agreement.

The advantages of putting a roommate agreement down on paper are that certain facts, for example, the amount each tenant is supposed to pay are discussed. Roommate specific issues such as quiet hours, kitchen details, and utilities are also reported. It’s crucial that all roommates agree to the terms of the agreement before filling out our Ohio roommate agreement form.
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The first thing you’ll need to write is the premise information (premise type, address, city, state and zip code) and a brief description of the premise. If the master lease with the landlord exists, indicate that on the agreement form and attach a copy.

Next, you will need to write down the basic information about your roommates from 2-6 roommates. For each roommate write down the amount of rent and security deposit they’re supposed to contribute.

Then you should also list down the premises guidelines that comply with the original lease agreement with the landlord. This will notify the roommates whether some activities are allowed or not. You don’t want your new co-tenant coming out one-day smoking if the property owner prohibits smoking.

Additionally, you’ll need to put down the living arrangements, roommate responsibilities such as chore schedules and utility usage. You can also add when the Ohio roommate agreement will be signed and the number of people to witness the signing.