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Oklahoma Eviction Notice

An Oklahoma eviction notice is a legal document served to a tenant by a landlord before they can be evicted. An OK notice to quit must be meet Oklahoma’s Landlord and Tenant Act. Issuing your tenant a notice to quit is the first step in initiating an eviction process. Oklahoma state laws require that landlords issue an eviction notice and when the tenant doesn’t comply with the terms of the notice the landlord or property manager can go ahead and file a lawsuit against the tenant.

When to use the Oklahoma eviction notice

You can use an Oklahoma notice to quit document if your tenant does the following:

  • Fails to pay rent on time as agreed in the rental/lease agreement
  • Breaches any terms of the rental or lease agreement
  • If the lease period has expired and the tenant remains on the property
  • You can also issue an eviction notice if you wish to end a month-to-month tenancy

How to write Oklahoma eviction notice

Our Oklahoma notice to vacate property form makes it easier to write an eviction notice without worrying that you may miss out some important basic details required in an eviction notice.

The first section of our notice to quit form requires you to enter the landlord’s information and the second section tenant’s information. You will need to write down their full name, address, city, state and zip code for both parties respectively.

The next step, “premises information” section will require you to write down some information to help point out the specific location of the property. The information needed in this section include premise type, address, city, state and zip code. The next part is the “terms of the notice”. in this section write down the date when your tenant breached the lease and provide a detailed explanation of the violation. Give as many details and if possible state the specific clause that your tenant has violated.

Additionally, you should be able to state the action you’ll take against the tenant for violating the lease agreement. You can give your tenant some days to cure the violation, give them a warning, or charge a violation fee as agreed in your rental/lease agreement.

“Other details’ section is the last section of our Oklahoma eviction notice form. in this part, you should be able to highlight the date when the document shall be signed, add a proof of service and the number of witnesses to sign the document.

Free Oklahoma eviction notice form

Our Oklahoma notice to quit form is not available for free, but it’s cheap. Once you’ve fully completed the eviction template, click “create my agreement” button to preview the document and download it.

Self-Eviction in Oklahoma is illegal

Oklahoma laws prohibit landlords from force evicting a tenant without following the proper judicial process. If the landlord does, they may be held liable to the tenant for any damages incurred. The tenant can also obtain an injunctive relief that requires the landlords to refrain from repeating the illegal action.

Some forms of section eviction including padlocking the doors, or changing the locks, shutting utilities, threatening the tenant or removing the tenant from the rented unit.