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Texas Breach of Lease

A Texas breach of lease notice is a document drafted by the landlord through which they can inform a tenant that they violate their lease agreement. In a breach of lease notice, the landlord informs the tenant what the breach is, what part of the lease is being violated, the options to fix it. In other words, a violation of the lease is often sent to a tenant as a warning that they may be at risk of having their lease terminated.

As a landlord, you cannot issue an eviction letter without first issuing a notice of lease violation. If a tenant is issued with a notice of violation letter and doesn’t remedy the situation within the specified days, the landlord can then issue an eviction notice.

The basics of Texas breach of lease notice

A breach of lease notice should include basic information such as contact information of both parties (landlord and tenant), the violation and part of the lease being violated, the possible consequences and the number of days the tenant is given to remedy the violation.

How to write a Texas notice of lease violation

Writing a Texas breach of lease notice might sound like a complicated task, but our system has made the whole process much simpler. The breach of lease template features easy to fill the field and captures all the necessary information required in a breach of lease notice.

First, you’ll be required to write down landlord and tenant information such as full name, address, city, state, and address. Next write down the premises information including premise type, address, city, state and zip code.
You’ll need to indicate breach notice details. This includes stating whether a copy of the lease agreement will be attached, the date when the breach of the lease was committed, the days notice given and also provide the reasons the lease was breached.

Lastly, indicate when the document will be signed, state whether there’ll be proof of service and the number of witnesses to sign the document. You can also customize the breach of lease form by adding extra custom fields to include more details not contained on our form.

How to use a Texas notice of lease violation

This breach of lease notice will help set forth all the necessary facts and obligations for a proper notice in the state of Texas where the property is located. Different states in the United States have distinct requirements for allowing a tenant to remedy a violation and this information is also included in this document.

In this breach of lease template, all the basic information is listed such as the landlord and tenant’s information. However, the most crucial part of this document is the part that describes the actual breach which will be put down by the person filling out the form.

After the document is completed, it should be signed by the witnesses, and the landlord signing it. The document should be sent to the tenant via Certified Mail, so there is a good record of it. It’s also recommended the landlord keep a copy of it.