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Texas Eviction Notice

As a landlord in Texas, there comes a time when you have no choice but to evict a tenant. Issuing a tenant with an eviction notice is the initial step in attempting to remove a tenant from a rental unit. Texas statutes require a landlord to give a tenant notice before the eviction process can start.

When to use Texas eviction notice

You can use Texas eviction notice form if:

  • Your tenant fails to pay the rent as stated in the rental or lease agreement
  • If the tenant violates the terms of the rental/lease agreement
  • if the tenant does not vacate the premise after the lease agreement period expires
  • You can also issue an eviction notice if you wish to terminate a month-to-month tenancy.

Other terms for a Texas eviction notice
Rental eviction notice, notice to vacate letter, eviction notice letter, notice to quit, 30-day notice to vacate, a 3-day eviction notice.

Events that could lead to a tenant eviction in Texas

Tenant evictions are never fun or cheap for both parties. However keeping the records and right paperwork with the courts, the whole process can go smooth. While state laws in the United States vary, the basic eviction process is similar to something like this:

  • The tenant violates the lease agreement or doesn’t pay rent
  • You send a breach of lease notice
  • If the tenant doesn’t comply, you file the right paperwork with the courts and issue the tenant with an eviction notice
  • Both parties (tenant and landlord) attend a court hearing
  • If you win the case, the tenant will be forced to move out. if they don’t, you can involve the local sheriff department and have them removed
  • Once the eviction process is over, you can initiate the process of claiming the money the tenant owes you

How to write a Texas eviction notice

The first information to enter on our Texas eviction notice template is landlord’s information including full name, address, city, state and zip code.

Then you’ll need to declare the recipient name. Contact information for each person to be issued an eviction notice must be declared just below the landlord’s information section.

The Texas eviction notice should also verify the location of the premise listing the premise type, street address, city, state and zip code.

In “terms of the notice section” write down the date when the tenant violated the lease and provide a detailed explanation of the violation. If possible, make sure that you mention the clause in the lease agreement that was breached.

Next, you’ll be required to indicate what action would be taken against the tenant. First, you can either give the tenant a warning, give a deadline for the tenant to cure violation or impose a violation fee as agreed on the lease/rental agreement. Additionally, if you’d like to take other action other than one’s stated above- choose “other” option and give a detailed description.

In the “other details” section, indicate when the document will be signed and the number of witnesses to sign the document. You can also highlight if proof of service is available.