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Texas Rental Agreements

Our Texas rental agreement form allows the landlord to enter into a binding relationship for allowing their space to be used for livable purposes in exchange for a monthly payment.

Texas lease agreement laws regulate the relationship between the tenants and landlords, including major issues such as limits on anti-discrimination laws and security deposits. When you add your signature to a rental or lease agreement, you’ll be agreeing to a contract with the respective tenant. The agreement generally offers protection to the two parties involved and if either party breaks the binding rile, they will be held liable for breach of contract and would have to compensate the affected party.

While the law governs some requirements of rental agreements, leases vary from one landlord to the next, but in general lease agreements include the following:

  • Name of both parties (Landlord and tenant)
  • House description and address
  • House guidelines & restrictions including rent payments every month
  • The duration of the agreement
  • Lead paint information disclosure

Texas Rental Agreement Form Section

Our Texas lease agreement form covers different premises and for all cities. As a landlord, you will find it easier to create a custom Texas rental agreement form for tenants in various cities in Texas.

The lease agreement form can be used to generate rental agreements for all sorts of properties from house, apartment, mobile home, room, basement to a condominium. The forms are 100% customizable.

You will be able to set when the rental & lease agreement starts and when it ends unless it is renewed or extended.

On the premises information section, you will be required to indicate the premise type, zip, address, city, and state. It’ll also ask you whether you’d like to provide more information about the premises. If you click on YES, it will expand and allow you to add more information you wish to include like the number of bathrooms, bedroom or extras such as storage areas.

Our Texas month to month rental agreement premises guidelines section is a series of questions with a “no” and “yes” answers. For example, it will ask you if pets are allowed on the premises if you say “yes” it will expand for you to add more information on any guidelines for pets.

You will also be able to customize how rent is payable. Our Texas rental agreement form lets you choose the duration when the tenants pay the rent and the payment mode acceptable.

It’ll ask you if you’d like to add a penalty for rent late payment. If you say “no” it’ll omit that section, otherwise, if you say “yes” it’ll expand to a section where you can add the amount the tenant will be charged for late payment for given days.

The state of Texas places no limits on security deposits that landlords should demand from tenants but require the landlords to refund the deposits (minus the cost of repairs and cleaning) within 30 days of rental termination. With our Texas rental agreement form, you will be able to set the amount of security deposit allowed for every tenant.

Was the building erected before 1978 when lead was used in many household products? Worry no more; our Texas lease agreement form generator contains a section where you can add such details. If the premises were built before 1978, it’d expand to a section where you can add all the information regarding the lead paint.

If you would like to add extra details regarding the premises, our Texas rental agreement form is set for additional fields you can add. After you’ve completed it, just hit “Create My Agreement” at the bottom of the screen. You can download the form and customize it with a different program on your computer.