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Utah Bill of Sale

A Utah bill of sale is a legal document designed to act as a proof of change of ownership of an item. Unlike in other states, a bill of sale in Utah does not need to be notarized.

The most common types of bill of sale in Utah include vehicle bill of sale, motorcycle bill of sale, firearm bill of sale and general bill of sale. Drafting a Utah bill of sale is pretty simple regardless of the type of bill of sale you need.

Regardless of the item being sold, there’s general information that must be included in the bill of sale. The only differentiating factor in a bill of sale form is item description. For example, a car bill of sale will require you to write the make, model, VIN and year while a firearm bill of sale will require you to only write the firearm manufacturer, model, and serial number.

Elements in each Utah bill of sale:

  • The legal name of the seller and the buyer
  • Item description
  • The purchase amount and the payment method

Vehicle Bill of Sale

The Utah State Tax Commission provides a car bill of sale. However, if you choose to have your bill of sale it should contain the following:

  • Vehicle description (make, model and year)
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Odometer reading

Our printable bill of sale form allows you to indicate whether there are claims against the vehicles and if an inspection report is available.

Utah Firearm Bill of Sale

A Utah bill of sale for a firearm should highlight the following information:

  • The firearm manufacturer
  • model
  • firearm identification number

General bill of sale

You will need a general bill of sale when trading items that are not classified as a motorcycle, motor vehicle or a firearm. You can use a general bill of sale for items but not limited to clothing, furniture, bookcase and second-hand electronics.

Our Utah general bill of sale requires you to indicate the type of item being sold and some additional details about the item. Such details include;

  • Serial or registration number
  • the size, color or the material of the item
  • The make, model and year

Any Utah bill of sale should include the date when the bill of sale will be signed. While it’s not mandatory to have a notary public, a person can invite one or two witnesses to witness the item sale. You can add more details to our Utah bill of sale to capture some small but vital information that you feel is not included on the bill of sale template that is necessary.

Once the Utah bill of sale is filled in, just hit “Create My Agreement” to get a preview of the document. You will be able to download it to your computer in RTF, HTML and PDF formats for further customization. We suggest that the buyer keep the original bill of sale and the seller keeps a copy of the document. The document will act as a proof of the transaction.