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Utah Breach of Lease

The landlord issues a breach of lease notice to the tenant for breaching in whole or part the lease agreement. Utah statutes protect tenants’ rights, and hence a landlord cannot issue an eviction letter before issuing a breach of lease notice. If a breach of lease notice was issued and the tenant did not remedy the breach within the stated days, the landlord can go ahead and issue an eviction letter.

The reasons why you need a Utah breach of lease notice

As a landlord or property manager, you need a breach of lease notice to alert the tenant that they’ve gone against the terms and conditions agreed in their lease. Tenants cannot be evicted without a valid reason, and the state laws require that a tenant is given proper time to remedy any breach that could result in an eviction.

Therefore it’s important to send a tenant who has violated their lease a lease violation notice informing them of the breach. You should also indicate the number of days the tenant has to rectify the situation. This number of days may also be outlined in the original lease agreement.

How to write Utah violation of lease notice

Writing a breach of lease notice can be quite a task especially if you’ve never written one before. Our system has made the process of writing a lease violation notice even simpler. Typically takes less than 10minutes to complete and satisfied hundreds and thousands of our customers.

A breach of lease notice should contain basic information such as landlord and tenant’s information. The information required is full name (both landlord and tenant), legal street address, city, state and zip code.

Next, you’ll be required to write down the premises information. This requires you to state the premise type, whether its house, mobile home, condominium, basement, apartment or room. Also put down the premise address, city, state and zip code.
In breach notice details section, state whether a copy of the original lease agreement will be attached. You’ll also need to highlight when the breach of lease was committed, the number of days’ notice given and a description of the reasons the lease was breached.

The last section in our printable breach of lease violation will require you to state when the document will be signed and the number of witnesses to sign the document. You can also add a proof of service for the breach of lease notice if need be.

Free Utah Breach of Lease Notice

Our Utah violation of lease notice is not free. However, it’s very cheap. Unlike other complex to fill breach of lease forms that will take you forever to complete- our system simplifies the work and lets you create a professional breach of lease notice within minutes. You can also customize our breach of lease template and add custom fields to include information that may not be on our form.

How to deliver Utah breach of leasehold covenants

After the form is fully completed, click “Create my Agreement” to get a preview of the document. You’ll be able to download it on your computer in different printable file formats.

Once the landlord and the witnesses have signed the notice, it can be delivered to the tenant in person, or pin it on the main entrance of the dwelling unit. However, we recommend that it be mailed to the tenant via Certified Mail and the landlord keep a copy of it.