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Utah Rental Agreement

A Utah rental agreement is a legally binding contract between a landlord and tenant. The contract documents the agreement of both parties over the listed property. All rental agreements in Utah must comply with the state landlord-tenant laws to be legally binding.

How to write a Utah rental agreement

While writing a rental agreement from scratch can be quite overwhelming, our system has made the process simpler. You will only need to enter a few details on the lease agreement form, and it will handle everything else for you.

You can create rental agreements for different premises including a mobile home, house, room, condominium, apartment and basement. The most common type of rental agreement in Utah includes month-to-month and roommate agreement.

The first step in creating a rental agreement using our printable rental agreement form is writing down premise information. The information in this section will help point out the specific location of the property in question.

The next step is to list down some basic premise guidelines. You should make it clear to your tenant if smoking and pets are allowed in the premise. Do you let your tenants sublease any part of the rented property? Also, inform your tenant about parking information and notify them of the number of days’ notice given before accessing the property for non-emergency.

Additionally, add landlord and tenant information. This information includes the name and legal, physical address of both parties. In term of agreement section, state when the lease starts and the date it shall end. If it’s a rental agreement state how the rent shall be renewed. Add termination notice details in this section as well.

In the “payment information” section, you should be able to indicate how the rent will be paid, the amount and the payment method. You can also add details about returned checks, late rent payment penalties and security deposit the tenant should pay.

Our Utah rental agreement form also allows you to list down tenant responsibilities towards the rented property, utilities and amenities available in the premise.

Disclosures in Utah rental agreement

You can capture the most critical disclosures using our rental agreement form to help you stay compliant with federal and Utah state laws.

Federal law requires that any building constructed before 1978 could be a lead paint- hazard. Therefore landlords in Utah must give a lead paint disclosure to their tenants if such hazard exists.

Security deposits

Utah laws do not limit the amount a landlord can request a security deposit from a tenant. Landlords in Utah can request amount they’d like as a security deposit. However, the deposit must be refunded within 30-days after termination of the rental agreement.

Free printable basic rental agreement

You can access our Utah rental agreement template for free. You can fill the form online and once the form is duly filled, click “Create My Agreement” button to get a preview of the final document. However, to download the printable rental agreement, you’ll need to pay a small fee to help keep the rental agreement generator up and running.