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Landlord Forms

Landlord Forms:

Residential Rental/Lease Form
Our most requested form is the Residential/Rental Lease form. This is a powerful and highly customizable form that covers everything from Apartments to Basements, Duplexes to Mobile Homes. Our Residential Rental/Lease Forms cover everything a Landlord would require, including Utilities, Tenant Responsibilities, Amenities included and more. Lots more!

Rent To Own Form
Our Rent To Own Form agreement offers tenants the ability to purchase their rental property after a specific time period. Our Rent to Own Form Agreement covers Houses, Apartments, Duplexes, Mobiles Homes and Condominiums.

Commerical Lease Agreement
Our Commercial Lease will cover a Landlord and Tenant when dealing with a commercial space like a retail location, office space or even a warehouse.

Lease Agreement Extension
If you need to extend a residential or commercial lease, you don’t need to create a whole new lease. Use our easy to fill Lease Agreement Extension document to extend that lease.

Lease Cancellation Agreement
Need to cancel your existing lease? Our catch-all, state specific lease cancellation agreement has you covered. Whether it’s a residential lease or a commercial lease, our form generator covers it all.

Lease Addendum Agreement: If you need to modify an existing lease, or add new terms and conditions to an existing lease, then you must use a Lease Addendum Agreement.

Lease Agreement Modification:
If you need to make any modifications to a lease as opposed to adding anything to it then use our lease modification agreement.

Eviction Notice Form
Evicting a tenant is made a lot easier with our Eviction Notice form generator. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you’ll have your State-specific form all set up to evict your tenants.

Rental Application Form
If you’re ready to rent a property, you need prospective tenants to fill out a rental application form. Our rental application is probably the most customizable form on the internet.

Roommate Agreement
If you, or your tenant is going to be having roommates then it is imperative that you get yourself a roommate agreement. Our Roommate Agreement Contract will cover everything for you in regard to that to leave you covered if any issues arise with your roommate.

Breach of Lease Notice Form
If you need to notify your tenants of a breach of lease, then our form will handle that for you. You can provide the reason for the breach of lease, mention whether the original lease is attached, and notify the tenant of the days they have to resolve the issue.

Free Rent Receipt
Create a completely free rent receipt. Hell create a million of them! No charge at all to use our free rent receipt.

Notice To Enter Form
If you need to enter a property which currently has a tenant residing in it, then you need to give them advance notice. You can use our Notice to Enter Template to generate a letter to the tenant, notifying them of why you need to enter and when you will be entering. This is also known as an Entry Notice Form.

Notice of Default
If you need to notify tenant that they are in default of the lease you can use this form.

Notice To Pay or Quit Form
Tenants that break a lease or rental agreement can be a hassle – we make things a lot easier for you with our Notice to Pay or Quit agreement. These State-specific forms are highly customizable and in just a few short steps, you’ll have your form complete, and ready for printing.

Rent Increase Notice Form:
You can use the rent increase form to notify your tenant in writing about an upcoming rent increase. The Rent Increase notice form is a short form stating the current price of rent, and what the new rent will be with the date that the increase will take effect.

Non-Renewal Lease Notice:
Not renewing a tenants lease? Let them know with this non-renewal notice.

Booth Rental Agreement:
If you are looking to rent out a booth, use our booth rental agreement. Very easy to use and covers everything you may wish to include in a booth rental agreement.

Sublease Agreement:
If your tenant is looking at subletting the property, or if you are renting a property and wish to sublease it, you will need to use a sublease agreement. We offer a highly customizable sublease agreement here for you.

Sublease Consent Agreement:
When a tenant is subletting a property, they need to confirm with the landlord that this is okay. they can do that with a Sublease Consent Agreement that we offer here.

Lead Paint Disclosure:
All of our rental agreements offer a lead paint disclosure, however if you are looking for a separate disclosure not attached to a rental agreement then we have one here for you.

Co-Signer Lease Agreement:
If you are a tenant needing a co-signer for a lease agreement, or your tenant needs a co-signer for their lease agreement and you wish to set that up for them, then you can do that with our Co-Signer Lease Agreement.

Notice To Cure or Quit
If you need to provide your tenant with a notice to cure an issue or quit the premises and rental agreement, you can do so with this notice.

Notice To Vacate
If the tenant needs to vacate the premises for any reason, you can tell them to do so with this notice to vacate.

Parking Space Agreement
Have a parking space you are looking to rent out? Get this easy agreement set up between you and the renter to make life a lot easier.