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Lease Addendum Agreement

What Is A Lease Addendum Agreement?

A lease addendum agreement is basically used after you have a lease established between a landlord and tenant. No matter whether it is a commercial lease or a residential lease – if you need to make any changes to the original lease you can’t just score stuff out and write new notes. You need to actually get a lease addendum agreement created.

The lease addendum agreement is used to cover any modifications to the current lease, as well as add anything not covered or mentioned in the original lease agreement.

A lease addendum agreement is definitely something that all landlords need to have in their filing cabinet. This document will often need to be added to a lease agreement at some point during the duration of the lease when changes need to be made to the lease itself. This is a document which keeps the original lease in place while also adding on something that wasn’t covered in the original agreement.

Why would you want to add these? To protect yourself from something that is not listed in the current lease. This can be something as simple as if a tenant gets a pet and you want to add on a lease addendum agreement to cover the pet. This would include things like fees and deposits as well as expectations for the tenant and their pet. This may also be used for a a situation involving renovations or landscaping.

A great thing about the lease addendum agreement is that you can use it for just about anything that your lease doesn’t address. Then when you create a lease at a later date for another tenant, you can use these lease agreements again or create a new lease that includes them. The addendum agreement is very important as it can protect the landlord and help them to cover risks that weren’t covered in the original lease. Any landlord knows that misunderstandings can happen, but it is important to learn from them and try to minimize them in the future.

Where Can I Get A Lease Addendum Agreement?

Right here, at DIY Landlord Forms of course. Here is our Lease Addendum Agreement.

Why Do You Need A Lease Addendum Agreement?

If you are making any adjustments to the lease, you need a lease addendum agreement. This is to stop any future problems should you make a vocal agreement with the landlord/tenant and then they go back on the deal. So if the original lease agreement stated no pets, but the landlord agreed that the tenant can have a dog, then it is required that you create a lease addendum agreement noting this change within the original lease agreement policies.

What Should Be Included In A Lease Addendum Agreement?

Obviously the basics of any landlord/tenant contract should be included, which is the Landlords information and the Tenants information. For multiple landlords or tenants be sure to include that, and to put all names and addresses.

You should also write down details about the property that the lease agreement is in regard to. Provide the address of the premises.

Next, you need to add in details in regard to the existing lease. Just stating the date of the initial lease is sufficient, however you may wish to add a copy of the lease agreement attached to this addendum. If so, be sure to mention it in your lease addendum agreement.

Then of course you need to put in the actual lease addendum’s. Our lease agreement addendum form creator is set up so you can put them in bullet list format which is a general standard when it comes to legal documents.

You simply input the title of the addendum and then a description of it and it will show up in a list. Our form supports up to 9 separate addendum’s which is more than enough for any landlord.

The lease agreement addendum also needs the signature date.

Lease Addendum Agreement Templates:

Due to the variables in creating a lease addendum, it’s recommended you don’t use any blank lease addendum agreement templates.

Check out our Lease Addendum Agreement and play around with the form input options to generate all of our potential agreements.

Sample Lease Addendum Agreement:

To see a sample of our Lease Addendum Agreement, Click here then choose to create your agreement.