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Lease Agreement Extension

What Is A Lease Agreement Extension?

A Lease Agreement Extension is a legal document used when a tenant and landlord decide to extend their existing lease agreement. Instead of having a whole new lease agreement written up, they simply create this lease agreement extension.

Where Can I Get A Lease Agreement Extension?

You can create your very own customized Lease Agreement Extension by clicking here.

Why Do You Need A Lease Agreement Extension?

You need a Lease Agreement Extension when you are extending a lease between yourself and the tenant over a property.

What Should Be Included In A Lease Agreement Extension?

You don’t need to write down all of the terms from the initial lease agreement.

You need to put down the landlord and tenant information for identification purposes, as well as the property type and address.

You then will need to provide details in regard to the existing lease, for example when it was initially signed, and the beginning and end date of the period, as stated in the existing lease agreement. If you are attaching a copy of the existing lease, be sure to mention that too.

You then need to note the start and end date of the new agreement, based on the extension.

If there are any changes to the rent, such as a new amount or payment cycle that should be mentioned, as well as any prorate payment data.

Our Lease Agreement Extension form allows you to enter all of this, as well as any additional details you wish to add for maximum compatibility and customization.

Lease Agreement Extension Templates:

To see our Lease Agreement Extension Template, click here and preview the document.

Sample Lease Agreement Extension:

As above – click and then preview. You will see a blank form which shows a sample of how your completed lease agreement extension shall look.