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Lease Agreement Modification

What Is A Lease Modification Agreement?

A lease modification agreement is a document that is used when there is an existing lease between a tenant and a landlord, or a number of tenants or landlords.

Occassionally, there may be terms within the agreement that both parties agree should be changed. For example – the existing lease agreement may state that no pets are allowed on the property, however the landlord and tenant then agree that the tenant is allowed a small dog.

In that case the lease agreement needs to be amended to include that. Rather than drawing up a whole new lease agreement however, you would simply use a lease agreement modification contract to confirm the changes.

Where Can I Get A Lease Modification Agreement?

You can get a Lease Agreement Modification from DIY Landlord Forms by clicking here.

Why Do You Need A Lease Modification Agreement?

For the same reason you need a lease agreement – to confirm all of the legal details and requirements in regard to a lease agreement.

If you do something outside of the actual lease agreement then either party has the right to terminate the agreement. Using the dog analogy above – if the tenant had a small dog and the initial lease agreement states that the tenant is allowed no pets, then they are in breach of the contract. Verbal contracts are not enough and can lead to many problems and issues in the future – especially with interpretation of how the contract works.

A lease agreement modification document, such as the one that we offer, will protect both parties from any legal issues.

What Should Be Included In A Lease Modification Agreement?

You should include all of the basic details to identify the parties, and the premises in question. This includes all of the landlord and tenant information like their names and addresses. It should also include the premises details such as the type of property, and the address of the property.

Next, it should provide information about the original lease agreement – such as the date the actual lease agreement was signed. You may also wish to attach a copy of the original lease agreement for clarification purposes.

Finally, you add all of the modifications to the agreement. Our Lease Agreement Modification Form is set up to allow you to enter a total of 9 modificiations. You can enter just one of course – but if there are multiple modifications to make then we have you covered for that.

Lease Modification Agreement Templates:

To see a blank template of our lease modification agreement, click the l ink above to check out the form. Then simply submit it at the bottom. With no data entered in, you will see an example of what the document looks like when blank.

Sample Lease Modification Agreement:

As there are multiple forms of lease modificiaton agreements we do not have a set list of samples for you.

Instead, go to our Lease Agreement Modification Form and enter some sample data. Then you will see exactly how the form will look upon completion.