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Lease Cancellation Agreement

What Is A Lease Cancellation Agreement?

A lease cancellation agreement is exactly as it sounds like – if you, as the tenant or the landlord, need to cancel your already existing lease then you need to sign a lease cancellation agreement.

This agreement/contract needs to be put in writing, and signed by both parties. This will stop any wrongful eviction notice issues down the road, or any issues with late or missed rent payments due to misunderstandings.

Why Do You Need A Lease Cancellation Agreement?

It is important when you have an existing lease, which will be in writing, that you have a cancellation agreement stating that the lease is cancelled. Otherwise it’s your word versus theirs – and what if they state the lease was never cancelled, and start squatting?

If you or your tenant require the lease cancelled, it is imperative that you have a lease cancellation contract.

So get your lease cancellation agreement today.

Lease Cancellation Agreement Template:

I know you’d love a blank lease cancellation template – but one problem; state-specific laws and regulations.

Depending on the state the property is located in, there is generally state-specific rules that apple to every lease cancellation agreement and therefore it is impossible to have a big catch-all template covering it all.

That’s why we offer the next best thing: a template generator, or the closest thing to it. Click here, select your state, take 5 minutes to fill in all the information you need and you’ve now got your lease cancellation agreement created and specified to whatever state you live in.

What To Write In A Lease Cancellation Agreement:

Our Lease Cancellation Agreements don’t require too much input from you. You need to enter the landlords name, and the tenants name, as well as the address of the property or premises in question.

You then need to add a few details in regard to the cancellation of the agreement, such as the date the initial lease was signed, as well as what date the tenant needs to vacate the premises by.

You can also add optional information such as any penalties related to the cancellation of the lease, or any reasons as to the cancellation of the lease.

Our form will also output a lot of additional data to protect both parties in the case of a legal situation as it clearly outlines what the document is for.

Sample Lease Cancellation Agreement:

Please click on our Lease Cancellation Agreement. This will take you to the form, and you can click “Create My Agreement” to see a blank lease cancellation agreement template.

Free Lease Cancellation Formats:

After purchase, you can download your lease cancellation agreement for free, with no additional charges, in any format that you require.

We currently offer three separate formats: RTF, PDF and HTML.

RTF you can open the agreement in any word processing software – such as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice. PDF is available in Adobe Acrobat and is the best for printing, while HTML will open in any web browser.