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Miscellaneous Forms

Photography Consent Agreement:
Our photography consent agreement allows photographers or photography studios to create an easy consent form.

General Release Form:
We offer a general release form with the option of adding payment in regard to the release if necessary. Very easy to use.

Final Notice:
If you are about to take someone to collections or contact a lawyer to recover a debt, then it is recommended you should send a final notice alerting them of this and give them one last chance to hopefully give you the money owed.

Cease & Desist Form
Our cease and desist form is set up for various types of cease & desist requests such as a Digital Copyright Enfringement, a Non-Digital Copyright Enfringement, or cease and desists to stop both harassment and debt collectors.

You can create an affidavit with ease with our Affidavit form creator. It takes mere minutes to have a completed affidavit.

Power of Attorney Revocation
If you need to revoke a power of attorney, you can do that with our Power of Attorney Revocation form.

Acting Consent Agreement
If you are a parent or guardian needing to give actiong consent for your child, our customizable acting consent agreement will allow you to do that.

Photograph Submission Agreement
If you are a photographer submitting your photograph(s) to a company you need to protect yourself and know your writes. Here’s a photograph submission contract for you to use nice and easy.