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Rent Increase Notice Form

What is a Rent Increase Form?

A rental increase form is a contract that both the landlord and a tenant of a property must sign. You are issuing a rent increase notice form to notify the tenant of the property that the rent will be increasing.

Why Do You Need a Rent Increase Form?

It is illegal to increase the rent amount of a property without providing prior notice to the tenant. You need to provide the tenant with a rental increase form that they must sign. The rent increase notice must include the current rent amount and the new rent amount, as well as the date of the increase.

You must have the tenant agree to the rent increase form in writing by signing the contract.

Rent Increase Form Notice Templates:

We provide an extremely simple DIY rent increase notice generator for you to use. Rather than use a static and incorrect template, you can use our up-to-date system to make sure you get all the appropriate details covered in your rent increase notice.

Our rent increase notice form takes just a minute to fill in, and you can have a perfect and law-abiding form within mere minutes. The cost of our rent notice form is just $11, and you can use it as many times as you wish within one week. If you have numerous tenants who you need to notify in writing about a rental increase notice, then our forms will make your life a whole lot easier!

You can also pay for one month access for $22, or one year access for just $33.

Where do I Get a Rent Increase Notice Template?

If you’ve already looked around on the web then no doubt you’ll be unhappy about the quality of all the rent increase notice templates out there. What you need is a state specific rent increase notice that covers everything you are looking for, and is easy to customize.

That’s why we offer our fantastic rent increase notice generator. It will take you no time at all to create a rent increase notice with all the pertinent information.

Sample Rent Increase Notice Form:

To see a sample rent increase notice form, visit our Rent Increase Notice generator, fill in the information and click to preview it.

What Do I Need to Put in a Rent Increase Notice Form?

In a rent increase notice form, you need to write what the current rent amount is, what the increase to the rent will be, and what the new rent amount is. You also need to write down the date of the rent increase.

On top of that, you should include:

  • Landlords name & address
  • Tenants name & address
  • Type of Premise and Premises Address
  • Date notice will be signed(optional)
  • Witnesses(Optional)

State Specific Rent Increase Notice Forms

Some States will have specific requirements in regard to what you can or can’t include in a rental increase notice form. Rather than list all States and what the requirements are, we’ve set up our rent increase notice generator to create a rent increase notice for you based on the state that you live in or that your property resides.

Free Rent Increase Notice Form:

Unfortunately due to having to make the state specific rent increase notice forms, the amount of work makes it impossible to create free rent increase notice forms. Based on that, we have priced them as low as possible. You can purchase unlimited rent increase notice forms for just $11. Click here.