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Rental & Lease Agreement

Get started by selecting your State. We will then configure the document for you. Or you can close this window and select the State as you fill out your document.

Premises Information

Fill in the address of the premise and what type of premise it is. You can also enter additional details about the premises like number of bedrooms or bathrooms.
Premises Type:

Would you like to provide additional information about the premises?

Premises Guidelines

In this section you cover any guidelines that the tenants must adhere to. You can add specific details about pets and parking by selecting the appropriate "Yes" choice.
Is there a minimum age for Tenants?

Is smoking allowed?

Are pets allowed in the premises?

Would you like to detail parking information?

Can the tenant assign or sublet any part of the premises?

Should the landlord need to enter the premises for a non-emergency: days notice will be given.

Landlords Information

Enter in the Landlords name and address here. If there are two Landlords at separate addresses click "Two Landlords" and enter their additional information. If both Landlords reside at the one location you can put both names in the "Name" field separated by a comma.


Tenant Information

In this section you enter the Tenants name, and optionally their address. If there are multiple Tenants at the same address(or you aren't including addresses) you can just select "One Tenant" and put all of their names in the "Name" field separated by a comma.


Term of the Agreement

In this section, choose whether it is a lease agreement or rental agreement, and the length of the agreement. Optionally you can choose to include termination notice details including how many days notice from the Landlord or Tenant.
Please select the type of agreement:

The Agreement will start:

The Agreement shall be renewed:

Would you like to include termination notice details?

Payment Information

In this part of the rental agreement form, detail everything in regard to payments.
Rent will be paid every:
The payment amount:

Payment can be made by:
Date payment is to be made:
(Ex: 1st of the month)

Payments should be made at:

Would you like to add a penalty for late payment?

Would you like to add a penalty for returned checks?

Will the tenant provide a security deposit?

Amount of deposit:
Days notice for non payment of rent:

Tenant Responsibilities

If the tenant is expected to be responsible for anything on the property you should mention it here. This can include snow shoveling and lawn mowning. You can cover any responsibilities here.
Will the tenant be expected to perform any duties/maintenance in or around the premises?


If the tenant is to pay any utilities, you can detail that information here, and what utilities the tenant must pay(ie: Gas, electricity, internet).
Will the tenant pay for any utilities?

Appliances and Furnishings

If any appliances or furnishings are included with the premises you can mention them here.
Are any appliances of furnishings included with the premises?

Amenities & Extras

If any amenities, such as a swimming pool, tennis court or gym are available to be used by the tenant, you can write about them in this section. We recommend adding specific rules of usage in regard to each amenity as well.
Are any amenities available for the Tenants use?

Lead Paint Information

Prior to 1978 lead was used in many products including paint that was used in many households. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is taking steps to eliminate lead hazards, by law tenants should receive the "Protect your family from lead in your home" pamphlet, download the pamphlet here - http://www.epa.gov/lead/pubs/leadpdfe.pdf. For more information please visit the EPA website.
Was the premises built after 1978?

Does the Landlord have knowledge of any lead paint on the premises?

Other Details

The date the document will be signed:
How many witnesses would you like to add?

Would you like to add extra details?