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Rental Application Form

What Is A Rental Application Form?

A Rental Application form is a form that a landlord should give to a tenant prior to them potentially renting on their property.

This allows the landlord to find out more about the tenant and to make sure they are suitable for renting their property.

Where Can I Get A Rental Application Form?

Right here: Rental Application Form.

Our Rental Application is highly customizable. I mean heck – you can even choose whether or not to ask the applicant their name! Of course 99.9999999% of the time you will be doing that. But we’re set up for that 0.00000001% who won’t.

Why Do You Need A Rental Application Form?

To learn who their potential tenant is, and learn more details about the tenant. To make sure they are able to afford to live on their property, and to get all of the specifics about the tenant.

What Should Be Included In A Rental Application Form?

As we said above – our rental application form is incredibly customizable.

You first enter your name, or if multiple landlords then both names. Next you put in the type of property – ie: apartment building, and the address.

Then we ask information about the applicant. How our form works is really simple and neat – everything is default by yes. Then you simply choose “No” for anything you don’t want to ask, such as the social security number.

For the applicant, we can ask them their name, date of birth, all of their phone numbers, and then their social security number or drivers license number. Note that they do NOT have to provide their social security number.

You then have the option of asking about their current living arrangements – for example where they live, how much rent they have paid etc. You may also want their current landlords name and phone number so you can use them as a reference.

Next up it’s their banking details – which you generally require for a credit reference. And details about their employment – where they work, what they do, and their current salary. We’ve also allowed you to ask about their spouse as well and their employment.

There’s specific questions about eviction, repossessions, bankruptcy and crime conviction. Note that the latter does not include traffic violations or being arrested.

We then move onto the references section. You can ask up to 4 personal references and if you don’t want to request personal references we have that option too. As we said it’s maximum customization.

We then have a miscellaneous section. We also have the option to add extra details that isn’t already covered.

Rental Application Form Templates:

To see our template, click here. You can then modify the template as you wish.

Sample Rental Application Form:

To see a sample rental application, click the above link and then click “Create My Agreement” and you can see a sample, with everything marked as “Yes”.