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Storage Agreement Form Information

What Is A Storage Agreement?

A storage agreement is a contract that is set up by two parties. One party is the storer of the goods, known as the Warehouseman. The other party is the depositor, the person who is storing the items.

When someone needs to store items, be it at a persons house or on a property, a storage agreement is required for this. This contract covers the items being stored and the rates or cost for storage, as well as information about what happens in case of damages.

Where Can I Get A Storage Agreement?

You can create your very own customizable Storage Agreement here: Storage Agreement Template.

Why Do You Need A Storage Agreement?

You need a storage agreement to protect both parties in case of issues. Essentially a storage agreement is like a lease – if you were a landlord and were allowing people to stay in your house, then you would have a contract for that right?

Same rules apply for a storage agreement. The items being stored are essentially the tenants, and both parties need protection in case any potential legal issues arise. For example – the storage agreement will list all of the items and cover them in detail in regard to the size and weight of the item and type of container. It will also list all of the payment details in case there is issues with late rent payments and so on.

If the person who is storing the goods does not pay rent for the items the warehouseman has the option to sell the items at a public sale. You’ve all seen those reality shows right? So the storage agreement needs to talk about that and provide the days before the items can go on a public sale.

Accidents do happen, and there could be damages to the items. So that should be covered too – discussing how much the person storing the goods is responsible for.

What Should Be Included In A Storage Agreement?

Whew – a lot. For example you want to list the items being stored. That’s the main thing. The type of container they are being stored in, the size, the gross weight and any storage rate or handling charges.

Every agreement or contract should have an end date as well – so you may wish to include that within the storage agreement, providing a specified time as to how long the storage agreement will last for.

This is just some of the data required in a storage agreement. Our storage agreement is massive with a lot of customizable options to allow you to create the perfect storage agreement.

Storage Agreement Templates:

It’s impossible to list a variety of storage agreement templtes – what is right for one person may not be right for you.

That’s why you can generate your very own template using our Storage Agreement Form. You can get it to your exact needs with a few clicks of a button, as opposed to battling with Microsoft Word or another Word Processing software.

Sample Storage Agreement:

To see a sample storage agreement, click the link above and scroll to the bottom and click “Create My Agreement”. You will then see a sample blank storage agreement just without any data filled in. You can also insert sample data if you want to get an idea of what it will look like with data filled in.