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Vehicle Bill of Sale Information

What Is A Vehicle Bill of Sale?

A vehicle bill of sale form is a form of legal documentation providing the details in regard a sale or purchase of a vehicle between two parties. If you are ever purchasing or selling a vehicle, it is imperative that you have a vehicle bill of sale signed by both the purchaser and the seller.

Where Can I Get A Vehicle Bill of Sale?

We offer you the ability to create your very own Vehicle Bill of Sale.

Why Do You Need A Vehicle Bill of Sale?

A Vehicle Bill of Sale will protect you from any legal issues in regard to the vehicle. It will state all the necessary legal information such as the odometer reading, and the current state of the vehicle that is being bought. It will protect both the purchaser and the seller in the future, in case any legal issues appear.

What Should Be Included In A Vehicle Bill of Sale?

This is what a vehicle bill of sale should include:

  • Purchasers and Sellers Information. Provide the name and address of who is buying the vehicle, and who is selling the vehicle. Both parties must also sign the document agreeing to everything referenced within.
  • Information about the vehicle. The basic information, such as the Make and Model of the vehicle. You should also provide the year of the vehicle and the Vehicle Identification Number(VIN#). You should also provide the current odometer reading, and specific whether it is accurate or an approximation.
  • Claims. If there are any current claims outstanding against the vehicle, these need to be outlined in the bill of sale.
  • Inspection Report. If you are attaching an inspection report, please note this within the document.
  • “As Is”. Is the vehicle being purchased as is? If not, and there are conditions to be met prior to the transaction you must detail these within the Bill of Sale.
  • Purchase amount and payment method.

You may also wish to include proof of service or witnesses to the document and signature of document.

Vehicle Bill of Sale Templates:

Some states will have various regulations and differences in regard to what should be included in the vehicle bill of sale. Therefore it is impossible to create just one “generic” vehicle bill of sale template. You should never use a generic bill of sale template found on the internet because it may not be valid for the state where you are completing the transaction.

Sample Vehicle Bill of Sale:

To see a sample of the Vehicle Bill of Sale, click here. You can enter dummy data or just click to proceed to the preview, where you will see how the Vehicle Bill of Sale looks. Our form is set up to match all state regulations and restrictions.